Motorola X+1 (2nd Gen) Black

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Device features for the Motorola X+1 (2nd Gen) Black

Built with a metal frame and a vivid 5.2–inch Full HD display, the new Moto X has smart and elegant style. But that’s not all. Its intuitive Android™ operating system, quad–core processor and Motorola apps let your voice and gestures take control, making this smartphone a top performer too.

Experience the speed of simplicity

Because Moto X runs Android without software skins, its interface is simple and easy to use, giving you quick access to Google™ mobile services. Add in the smartphone’s powerful quad-core processor and fast Verizon 4G LTE, and you can seamlessly navigate your new cool features and knock out your daily tasks.

Talk with your Moto X

Control your smartphone with the sound of your voice. Begin with a custom prompt, such as “Hey, Moto X?” Then ask it a question, such as “What’s the weather forecast for tonight?” or give it a command, like share a picture or skip a song. You can also tell Moto X to read your text messages aloud and more.

Enjoy a personal response

Moto X learns what you like and adapts to your needs, such as when you can’t be bothered except by the most important calls, or when you need silence, such as while you’re studying or at the theater.

Freeze the moment

Don’t miss any precious memories. Be ready at a moment’s notice by launching the camera with a simple twist of your wrist. Since Moto X takes multiple pictures before and after you touch the screen, you can feel confident that you captured the best shot.

Thanks to its 1080p HD display, your videos, photos and other content will look their best too.

With the new Moto X in your hand, not only will you enhance your entertainment but you’ll also amplify your productivity.

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Product Specs for the Motorola X+1 (2nd Gen) Black

  Handset Technology 4G LTE 
  Operating System Android 4.4 KitKat 
  Processor 2.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 quad-core processor 
  Display Resolution High-definition AMOLED touch screen 
  Camera Resolution Rear Camera - 13 Megapixels Front Camera - 2 Megapixels 
  Online Value Free Shipping & Accessories, click for details 
Advanced Details
  Music Player Yes 
  MP3 Playback Capability Yes 
  Streaming Radio Yes 
  Video Capture/Playback Yes 
  Touch Screen Yes 
  Color Display Yes 
  Text Messaging Yes 
  Picture Messaging Yes 
  Phone Design BAR 
  Technology 4G LTE 
  WiFi Yes 
  DevicesType LTE 

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