How to Shop This Site

Site Overview:

The site has been designed to enhance your shopping experience and ensure that it is flexible, intuitive, and easy to use. Key features include:

  • Personalized shopping
  • Guided shopping experience
  • Easy site navigation
  • Visibility to warehouse availability

Guided Shopping Experience and Easy Site Navigation

Your Cart Dialogue

  • After selecting an item for purchase, you are directed to the "Your Cart" Dialogue. This assists you in the shopping experience and will:
    • Show what you have selected for each phone in your shopping cart
    • Direct you to the next action required in the shopping process
    • Provide with options of:
      • adding a selected item to the current phone,or
      • selecting and additional phone, or
  • Your Cart also lets you add accessories to a specific phone or buy them separately
  • You can personalize a when purchasing more than one phone
  • Items can be changed or removed with ease using action icons and links in the dialogue

Visibility to Warehouse Availability

Shopping for Devices

  • While selecting a wireless device you can easily see which ones are also available in Costco warehouses and which are online only
  • Device specifications and comparisons are formatted for easy printing to be used when shopping in a warehouse

Easy Site Navigation

Your Task Bar

  • The first time you exit Your Cart, a "Your Task Bar' shopping helper appears at the top of the site which provides the following features:
    • Displays the item selected for each section of shopping: devices, plans, service feature and accessories
    • Every time you exit Your Cart, after adding or editing your selections, the Task bar will be updated with the most current information in the shopping cart
    • You can "fly over" each section and a pop-up will appear describing the contents of that section
      • This saves time and effort in navigating the site and remembering what has been selected
    • If you click on a section where no item has yet been selected, it will navigate to that part of the site and allow you to select an item
      • Adding the item will take you to the Your Cart Dialogue from which you can exit and return to shopping
    • If you have selected multiple phones, the name of each wireless device appears to the left of the Task Bar.
      • Clicking on different line names will show what has been selected for each phone
    • The Cart review icon at the right end of the task Bar takes you to the Cart Review section of the site, where costs and totals for the order are visible and you can confirm purchases prior to proceeding to checkout

Guided Shopping Experience

Cart Review

  • At any point, you can get to Cart Review by:
    • Clicking on the Task Bar Cart Review icon
    • Under "Checkout" on the main Navigation Bar, choose the sub-link "Cart review"
    • From the bottom of the Your Cart Dialog, click the Cart Review button
  • Cart Review shows your shopping cart with this information included:
    • "Due Today" total is what you will be charged for your Device and Accessory purchases
    • "Due First Month" estimates monthly and one-time prices for your selected plans and services
      • If there are any one-time fees to be expected on your first bill, they will appear in this column
    • "Due Monthly" estimates the total for selected plans and services which will appear on a recurring basis
    • Taxes are not included at this point. Once you enter checkout, the applicable taxes and local fees are applied based on the zip code provided

Other sections of the site are designed to be self-explanatory and intuitive. So go ahead and shop, compare, filter, search in any way that is most comfortable to you. Enjoy!

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