AT&T Unlimited CHOICE Single Line by AT&T - Mobile phone cellphone wireless phones

AT&T Unlimited CHOICE Single Line

Monthly Account Access


  • 1 line for $60 per month (after $5 AutoPay and paperless billing discount).
  • Unlimited data, talk and text
  • Standard-definition video streaming (about 480p).
  • 3Mbps maximum download speed.


Unlimited domestic wireless data, talk, text for an eligible device. Data usage at max of 3 Mbps. For content we can identify as video, will be at max of 1.5 Mbps.  After 22GB of wireless data usage, reduced speeds may apply. No tethering. Additional monthly access charge applies for the device.  Plan charge is after $5 auto-pay and paperless billing discount. Discount starts in 1 to 2 bill cycles. Other restrictions apply. See for plan details.

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