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Galaxy S22 5G Devices


We live in a world where everyone is connected, all the time. 5G is designed to meet the growing need for more data and more connected devices.

Visit a wireless kiosk in your local Warehouse to purchase and activate the latest 5G devices.

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5G is the 5th generation of mobile communication technology, offering improved performance over LTE.



1G Analog
Voice only



Text and multimedia messaging, plus basic web access for feature phones



3G Evdo
Faster data speeds drove smartphone adoption



4G Lte
Even faster data speeds allowed social media and streaming services to grow



5G fute
The future

5G Network
Faster speeds, especially for downloading
How fast is 5G? Under optimal network conditions, its 100 times faster than 4G LTE.
5G = 100x 4G

Reduce Latency
Reduced Latency
Latency (also called “ag”) is the time between sending a command from a device and waiting for it to react. You can expect ultra-low latency with 5G, which will improve online gamingand other apps that require low latency.

Better Coverage
Better coverage, especially in hard to reach areas
5G has more capacity to handle more devices using large amounts of data, and is designed to work better in dense areas where many people are using the same network. It uses a larger number of smaller cells that can be placed inside of venues with heavy traffic.

Places where you will see benefits once 5G is fully deployed:
  • - Office buildings
  • - Concerts, sporting events, festivals
  • - Large cities

Samsung Galaxy S22 5G Devices
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