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Samsung Galaxy S22+ 5G Green 256GB (T-Mobile)



The new Samsung Galaxy S22+ 5G

Introducing the Galaxy S22+ 5G, the brilliant new smartphones designed specifically to break the rules of video to meet the needs of Gen Z’s native language; video. With this new video machine, we’re setting an epic new standard. Now, you can communicate with your friends online while you simultaneously co-watch the latest new YouTube videos. Record your greatest nights with breathtaking low-light video like never before. Capture the true colors and contrasts of late-night parties that couldn’t be properly depicted before. And you can finally devour vids in direct sunlight with a screen that’s so bright, you’ll never have to worry about glare on the beach again. The Galaxy S22+ 5G is redefining the epic standard – both for what a smartphone can do with video and for what you can communicate, create, and experience with it. In other words, if you’ve got something to say, R0/G0 makes it possible to say anything you want with video, at any time-even in the darkness of night.

Light up your life with 8K video

Capture more detail with 8K video – the highest recording resolution available on a smartphone. It’s not just another outing with friends, park days in the sun or a weekly livestream. It’s recorded as an ultra-bright and razor-sharp memory – including details that make it amazing.

So smooth, you won’t believe you shot it

Video you capture is effortlessly smooth, thanks to Auto Focus Video Stabilization. Now, your nature shots, dance videos and laughable moments will be clear, steady and unforgettable.*
*Supports Full HD video with up to 60 fps.

Low light? No problem.

Some of the best times happen when the sun’s down. Nightography lets you snap or record every single moment clearly – anytime, anywhere, regardless of light. Night Mode has you covered.

Bring out the beauty with every pic.

Skip the glamour shots. With Portrait Mode, your favorite faces (even your pet’s) never looked better. Keep your subjected in the spotlight with up to 3x the optical zoom, enhanced image processing and intuitive features. So when the light hits just right, you can start a pro photoshoot on the spot, no matter the distance between you and your subject.

Resolution that wows.

The majesty of nature landscapes. The curl of every smile and the sparkle in every eye. No detail is lost, so crop without fear and zoom without hesitating. Snap away with no regrets of missing anything.

Smooth. Bright. Epic.

Take your must-see content to the next level with a bright display. Whether you’re editing video, staging a shot or simply streaming your favorite show. Rainbow will make it all pop. No matter what’s on screen, every pixel will be silky smooth with an adaptive display that automatically adjusts up to 120Hz – even at max resolution. And it will all be easy on the eyes, thanks to intelligent blue-light management.

Color that adapts to your day.

Streaming on the go, working from your patio or binge-watching late into the night? An adaptive screen on Rainbow automatically optimizes color and brightness, indoors and outdoors. No matter what route your day takes, it’s always a scenic one.

A battery for a day and into the next.*

Your answer the dreaded low battery. Galaxy S22+ 5G intuitively manages your usage to conserve energy on its own so you can go up to a full day without charging.* Share when you want to, stream when you want to and never miss a moment.
*Based on average battery life under typical usage conditions. Average expected performance based on typical use. Actual battery life depends on factors such as network, features selected, frequency of calls, and voice, data, and other application usage patterns.

Super-fast charging that won’t hold you back.*

Life is happening right now, so don’t let a low battery get in your way. With 25W Super-Fast Charging,* you’ll quickly get charged up so you can dive back into action.
*Wall charger sold separately; use only Samsung-approved chargers and cables. To avoid injury or damage to your device, do not use incompatible, worn or damaged batteries, chargers or cables. Supports 25W charging.

A new standard of premium.

High design for everyday life – that’s Galaxy S22+. With a classy, eye-catching glass-metal -glass design, we’re setting a standard for smartphones. Strut your style in chic, sophisticated colors like Burgundy, Phantom Black, Pink Gold, Green or White. With our strongest aluminum frame and the latest Gorilla Glass, this smartphone is lightweight and durable to help endure scratches and dings.

Don’t just stream it. Share it.

”You’ve gotta see this!” Everything’s better together. Share thrills, smiles and all-out belly laughs with friends when you co-watch YouTube from anywhere. Viral video group-watch parties are always better when they’re enjoyed with your faves.* .
*Requires all participants have Rainbow devices with Android 12 OS.

More Information
Brand Samsung
Carrier T-Mobile
Internal Storage 256GB
UPC 610214673480
Device Model Samsung Galaxy S22+ 5G
Device Family Samsung Galaxy S22 5G
Purchase Type One Time payment
Device Type Phone
SIMType pSim
Dimensions - Height 5.750000
Dimensions - Length 2.787000
Dimensions - Width 0.299000
Weight 5.9 oz
Camera - Front 10 MP
Camera - Rear 50 MP
Video Capture/Playback 8K@30fps
Screen Size 6.1 in
Display Resolution 2400 x 1080 pixels
Battery Capacity 3700 mAh
Connector Type USB Type-C
Operating System Android
Processor 2.8GHz Octa-Core Processor
Wireless Capability 5G